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Don’t just measure — build an accountable culture 8/6/2012
Data-driven creative for more than personalization 8/3/2012
How to break your marketing campaign fast 8/2/2012
The end of digital marketing 7/11/2012
The end of Facebook (and the Web) 7/9/2012
The end of network television 7/8/2012
Sales attribution models: Is it possible to combine online and offline data? 6/19/2012
A bottom-up approach to media 6/18/2012
The medium and the message 6/17/2012
Beginner’s guide to big data 5/14/2012
Not enough data? Start using what you have! 5/11/2012
Working backward from the point of sale 5/10/2012
Thinking strategically about tablet advertising 4/19/2012
Embracing the complexity of data targeting 4/18/2012
Best of the blog: Why we need more diversity in marketing agencies 4/17/2012
Marketers Go Crazy for March Madness 3/21/2012
Best of the Blog: True Confessions - Why I Love Brand 3/20/2012
Extending the Life and Reach of Your Marketing Videos 3/19/2012
Make the most of the other mobile OS 1/3/2012
Best of the Blog: Taking a page from manufacturers 1/2/2012
Offers: Making the rules work 1/1/2012
Days of our lives: the impact of life changes on marketing results 12/8/2011
Can we still be friends? Part 3 12/6/2011
Keep your lead stream flowing smoothly 12/4/2011
Minimize mistakes: Look before you leap! 11/16/2011
Can we still be friends? Part 2 11/14/2011
Best of the blog: What the DMA taught me about the Twitter-verse 11/12/2011
The evolution of the PowerTest®: methodology: Five Ways to take testing to the next level 10/18/2011
Can we still be friends? Tips to win back the ones who got away 10/16/2011
Best of the blog: Marketers of the world, unite! 10/14/2011
Keys to multichannel testing 9/20/2011
Strategies for reducing marketing risks 9/18/2011
Prospect segmentation for performance 9/16/2011
Sprints: Managing website development in small bytes 8/23/2011
Go ahead, be a tease! 8/22/2011
Best of the blog: Pay attention to this bright shiny object 8/21/2011
Six ways to get more from your marketing videos 7/15/2011
Managing the level of intrigue 7/13/2011
Making customization easy is harder than it looks 7/11/2011
Writing for mobile: minimal copy, maximum impact 6/6/2011
Best of the Blog: can Facebook marketing impact sales? 6/3/2011
Online advertising: not just for branding anymore 6/2/2011
Customer Retention: Four strategies for success 5/11/2011
Open with OOMPH! 5/10/2011
New limited-time postage discount in the works! 5/9/2011
How will you measure the success of your campaign? 4/11/2011
Green Marketing Coalition: Conversation with a green marketing pro 4/10/2011
Best of the blog: Trends in advertising 4/9/2011
Closing the leads-to-sales gap 4/8/2011
Useful, beautiful microsites 3/15/2011
Best of the blog: Please fence me in 3/12/2011
Words to live by: Our favorite B2B maxims 3/10/2011
QR Codes: They're hot, they're cool and they work! 2/15/2011
Best of the blog: Thinking through mobile marketing 2/12/2011
Improve marketing results with Leapfrog Planning 2/10/2011
Mobile display advertising: Branding vs. lead generation 1/18/2011
Best of the blog: Creative strategy in marketing 1/14/2011
Make the most of campaign-specific URLs 1/13/2011
13 questions to ask of your email copy 12/7/2010
The “Year of the Smartphone” has begun 12/6/2010
Best of the blog: Selecting the right digital/direct partner 12/5/2010
Mobile marketing: Keep it direct. 11/10/2010
Share the love: The ROI of social media 11/9/2010
Best of the Blog: Is ROI really that hard? 11/8/2010
Mobile marketing as a sales tool 10/14/2010
DM101: A lead by any other name 10/12/2010
What direct marketing can do that advertising can't (and vice versa) 9/18/2010
How to get started in mobile marketing 9/18/2010
Point/Counterpoint: Should marketing agencies be responsible for their clients' social media? 9/18/2010
Heard of ISO 27001? 8/24/2010
DM101: Six tips for marketing performance 8/23/2010
Best of the blog: 3 reasons to start investing in mobile marketing now 8/20/2010
3 ideas travel marketers can use right now 7/28/2010
Should marketers fear the coming USPS changes? 7/27/2010
Best of the blog: Common sense in a crisis 7/26/2010
Why marketers need to go mobile now 6/30/2010
Best of the Blog: Win-win agency compensation 6/29/2010
7 offer test ideas 6/28/2010
Taking the direct approach to creative success 5/27/2010
Mobile Marketing: It's not just for branding anymore 5/26/2010
Best of the blog: 5 ideas for customer targeting 5/25/2010
How will the USPS's proposed delivery plan impact marketers? 4/26/2010
DM 101: High-performance guidelines 4/23/2010
Best of the blog: Measurement isn't everything 4/22/2010
Targeting the untargetable – and getting great results! 3/26/2010
DM 101: 7 truths about lead generation 3/25/2010
Best of the blog: How do you measure success? 3/24/2010
Medicare DRTV goes head-to-head 2/18/2010
Social media and marketing: Measurement matters 2/17/2010
The controversy: Online display advertising 2/16/2010
Stabilizing your customer base 1/21/2010
Keyword: Value 1/20/2010
Are you feeling lucky? 1/19/2010
Awareness takes the lead for
Kaiser Permanente Colorado
DM-101: Key Performance Indicators 12/15/2009
Best of the blog: Is our fate written in the stars? 12/14/2009
Marketing health care in uncertain times 11/6/2009
Marketing design for mobile devices 10/27/2009
The controversy: Green marketing 9/23/2009
It's a candy mint AND a breath mint 9/22/2009
Terms of Use 8/28/2009
3 big ideas to test in online display advertising 8/24/2009
Bresnan leverages efficiency to maximize its marketing return 7/31/2009
Seeds of change in the mail. No, really. 7/31/2009
YMT Vacations: targeted travel 7/31/2009
Your direct response TV checklist 4/30/2009
Finding the upside of the economic downturn 4/30/2009
Secrets of e-marketing — a multi-channel measuring stick 2/28/2009
Amnesty International and the power of truth 2/28/2009
Leveraging tech for sustainable marketing 2/28/2009
AT&T email campaign turns prospects into gold 10/31/2008
Secrets of e-marketing — re-target! 10/31/2008
Don't take your targeting for granted 10/15/2008
Should behavioral targeting change marketers' behavior? 10/13/2008
Online Metrics: demand accountability! 7/21/2008
Words that can make or break your direct marketing campaign 7/14/2008
How 1 smrt company spks and sells in txt 5/15/2008
Words to live by — our favorite B-to-B maxims 4/30/2008
How product life cycles influence customer acquisition strategies 4/13/2008
Five ways your lists can leave a smaller carbon footprint 2/28/2008
How sustainable is your marketing? 2/28/2008

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