Thinking strategically about tablet advertising


Thinking strategically about tablet advertising

The time has come to plan your tablet campaign. In fact, if you’re advertising on the web, your campaigns are already being viewed on tablets and mobile phones. But these devices require their own strategy — even if it adds a few layers of complexity to your campaign.

The first technical question to address is the operating system. Apple’s iPad has a huge share of the market, but the Android OS is growing and Microsoft’s relatively recent launch of Windows 8 for tablets adds a new twist.

Then you have the question of apps vs. browsers.

While apps are what most of us think of when we think of iPads and other tablets, Forrester research says tablet users spend more time web browsing than using apps.

This makes it obvious: Before you get started on your creative strategy, your tablet media strategy must be fully baked.

You could simplify things a bit and just create for the iPad — with only one screen size to deal with. But now even the new iPad offers a different resolution than previous models. And, because iPads don’t support Flash, many of your current assets may need to be rebuilt in HTML5 or other tools.

Keep in mind that without a continuous network connection, many tablets will be offline at least some of the time, so tablet campaigns can’t rely on continuous updates from the web.

Designers and copywriters will need to know about and plan around the potential challenges in the rich-media environment. Of course, you “tap” rather than “click” on a tablet, but there’s more to it than just that. Tablets allow you to do just about everything you can do in all other media — print, TV, online and more. You can show your product in three dimensions, add video or use hotspots to help your prospect delve deeper into the details.

That said, your creative options are still wide open. The important strategic decision is to determine what will make your prospect take the next step.

And that brings us back to what makes marketing a creative and persuasive exercise. The fun is just beginning!

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